Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chapter 41

Sherry came in with a stethoscope and spent a long time listening to my heart and lungs.  They were concerned about where this 5 lbs of fluid was because there was no swelling in my hands or feet!  But my heart and lungs were clear, they never did find any fluid!

Two nurses then came in and told me that they had to put a catheter in.  In order to do that the bed had to be put flat and I had to lay on my back absolutely still.  Oh the spasms...and I couldn't move.  Thankfully they had no trouble and it was over quickly.  They stood and watched the bag for a couple of minutes but not a drop came out.

All at once I started to shake and sweat, I was having a sugar low!  They changed the IV bag to a sugared solution and gave me something very sweet to drink and kept a close eye on me.  Gradually my sugars stabilized.

Around 2:00am Sherry came back in my room with a needle.  She put it into the IV and said that hopefully it would work to jump- start my kidney's into working again.  I laid there and prayed that it would work.  The next time they checked the catheter bag there was a little in it!  My kidneys were starting to work again, I began to breathe a little easier.

Hilda had been off for a few days and didn't hear about any of this until in church the next day.  She came flying into my room right after church!  She went out and got my chart and started questioning the nurses on duty as to what had happened and how I seemed now!  I just smiled as I watched her rushing around.

The doctor blamed my kidneys stopping on the medication that I had been put on years before when the bursitis had been discovered in my bad hip!  They stopped that drug right away.  I was a little nervous, because it was the only thing keeping my hip working!

A pain specialist started seeing me for the muscle spasms and started giving me injections right in that spot...that did not feel very good!  He though as well that some of my back problem was being caused by my left leg being shorter, I was off kilter.  So a therapist came up one day with a lift for me.  Things have greatly improved since that day back in high school when I took those hideous lifts off my shoes with the screwdriver.  These lifts went inside my shoe and no one could see it!

The day the catheter was taken out I was in the bathroom and lost by balance and ended up falling.  Oh my back!!  I managed to pull the emergency cord at the same time my roommate called for a nurse.  She had heard me fall and cry out.  Within a few seconds it seemed as if every nurse on duty was in that bathroom, Hilda being the first.  They got me up and back in bed.  One of the first things that happened was a yellow bracelet was put on my arm.  With it on I was not allowed out of bed without someone with me!

That night Hilda came in and gave me a back rub, then hugged and kissed me goodnight and tucked me in!  When she was leaving the room my roommate piped up and said that she had never had that kind of nursing care...we all had a good laugh.

A couple of days later due to maternity patients needing the beds, those of us not there for baby reasons had to be moved.  Most everyone ended up on stretchers in lounges except for me.  I was given a private room on the next floor, my back just couldn't have handled a stretcher!

The next day someone came into my room to discuss with me the need to have the Meals On Wheels program and Home Care set up for when I was released!  I wasn't happy about that but was told that until they were in place I wouldn't be able to go home.  I felt like my freedom was being taken away from me.  Given no choice in the matter, I signed the necessary papers and then had a good cry when they left.  That night I did alot of thinking about everything that had happened and realized that things were happening for a reason and that I just had to trust God that everything would work out the way it was suppose to.  That night became a turning point in the way I was to view trials.  I'm not always successful having the proper mind set when new trials and problems come along, but I try to remember that God is in control.

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